Turin Weather May

To help you choose the best time to travel, you can find climate data below on the weather in Turin in May.

day temperatureaverage daily high+20.7°C
night temperatureaverage daily low+9.9°C
day lengthdaytime15.5 h
sunny hours per daysunny / overcast hours6.3 / 9.2
average monthly precipitationaverage monthly precipitation120 mm


Temperature in Turin

In May the average daily maximum in Turin is +20.7°C, and the minimum +9.9°C.

The hottest May day on record is +32.3°C, and the coldest -2.3°C.

Daylight hours

There are 15.5 hours of daylight in Turin in May. Out of these, on average 6.3 are sunny, which means it is mostly cloudy.



The amount of precipitation in Turin in May is usually 120 mm, which may ruin part of the trip.